Interstate Repeater Society Swap / Shop / Wanted Page

This page is for IRS Members and Regular Repeater Users.
Any listing may be refused at our discretion and without comment.

Each person/callsign is allowed a maximum of five (5) listings at a time




List as of 12/15/2013  No Items currently listed


Reserved for next listing



If you have items for sale or swap send the list to with your contact information.
Items will be listed for 120 days and then will be deleted. Items not sold will then need to be
resubmitted if you wish to continue the listing. If you sell the item please let me know so that
I can remove the item from your list. Your list should include your Callsign, Phone number and/or
email address, Item description and price.

If you wish to donate part of the sale to the IRS repeater fund please give the particulars in your
listing. Donations to the IRS Repeater fund are strictly voluntary and are Not required for listing


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