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Club Officials

President - Open

Vice President Mike Pelletier KA1UVH

Secretary - Open

Treasurer - Gianni D'Intino N1GD


Don MacCord KB1XI

Technical Committee
Steve Hutzley N1TEC
Dave Bourque WB1FLD

Public Service
Mike Pelletier KA1UVH

Webmaster Don MacCord KB1XI

2014-2015 Membership year

Effective September 1, 2014

Last Update 5/08/2015

Call Sign Name CITY State Membership Status
AA1OD Lacey, Robert Methuen MA Current
AA1UI Hansel, Doug Londonderry NH Current
AB1O Locke, Jeff Londonderry NH Renewal Due
K1DLM Merchant, David Windham NH Current
K1SCQ Quinn, Steve Newington NH Current
K1VYY Dupre, Robert Salem NH Current
KA1RVR Carter, Jay Epping NH Renewal Due
KA1TUG Marshall, Paul Marblehead MA Current
KA1UVH Pelletier, Michael Derry MA Current
KB1ANS Gagne, Gerard J. Bedford NH Renewal Due
KB1CBS Spoerl, Carol Derry NH Renewal Due
KB1EOK Hall, Wayne Londonderry NH Current
KB1FEM Durland, Lynne E. Londonderry NH Current
KB1MTH McBeth, David Amesbury MA Current
KB1OTI Fichera, Sean M. Londonderry NH Renewal Due
KB1QVM Martin, Christopher J. Derry NH Renewal Due
KB1PLC Rogers, Mark Salem NH Current
KB1SGK Fortin, Remi (Bill) Londonderry NH Current
KB1TFJ Curley, John J. Hampstead NH Current
KB1TFO Oliverio, Chris M. Londonderry NH Renewal Due
KB1TOW Bronson, James Bennington NH Renewal Due
KB1TOX Bronson, Elizabeth Bennington NH Renewal Due
KB1UMK Feole, George Derry NH Current
KB1UXO Deveau, Michael Derry NH Current
KB1UXT Knight, Ronald Pelham NH Renewal Due
KB1WHX Sanberg, Nicholas Manchester NH Current
KB1WSN Peglow; Mark Methuen MA Renewal Due
KB1WXR Pearson Wayne F. Derry NH Current
KB1XI MacCord, Don Derry NH Current
KC1ASJ Carmichael, George Ringe NH Renewal Due
KC1BOS Wilson, Jonathan Fremont NH Current
KC1CXT Perley, Samuel V. Madbury NH Current
KC1DMX Shoop, David W. Derry NH Current
KE7BJB Hunter, David Derry NH Renewal Due
KG1S Rompa, Leszek Derry NH Renewal Due
N1GD D'Intino, Gianni Derry NH Current
N1GWB Bryant, George W. Sr. E. Hampstead NH Current
N1LFR Jastrem, Eugene Londonderry NH Current
N1MWK Estabrook, Bion Derry NH Renewal Due
N1NAZ Moranian, George Londonderry NH Current
N1HNG Perley, Thomas K. Madbury NH Current
N1OZQ Edwards, Gilbert Methuen MA Current
N1RKT Walters, Tracy Londonderry NH Renewal Due
N1TEC Hutzley, Steve Derry NH Current
N1TRW Bourque, John Manchester NH Current
NY1Z Valcourt, Gerald L. Jr Salem NH Current
N1ZWT Kornisarek, Mary Manchester NH Current
N3CLZ Okula, Gary Londonderry NH Current
W1CGS Sandberg, Courtland Candia NH Current
W1FNX Guzofske, Jay Plaistow NH Current
W1JBE Boudreau, Daniel A. Salem NH Renewal Due
W1LTM Maguire, Louis Salem NH Current
W1QFD Yuoska, Michael Hudson NH Renewal Due
W1UBH Abbott, George H. Hudson NH Current
W1UV Albright, Loren O. Atkinson NH Current
W1ZIZ Schow, Harvey B. Manchester NH Renewal Due
WJ1O Duphily, Victor Methuen MA Current
WA1EJW De Rosa, James C. Westford MA Current
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** Deliberately left blank **
IRS Silent Keys List
K1DI Robillon, Ernie 2006
K1NL Gifford, Paul 2012
K1KVZ Pye, Lester E. 1985
K1ZEP Weeks, Del 1997
KC1OX Hunt, Chick 2009
KA1BOB Raichie, Robert 2007
KA1BYD Burridge, Vinnie 2005
WF1K Seig, John C. 2005
W1JOF Tastula, Allen 2010
W9UFW Stolte, Fred 2003
W4DLR (ex-KA1RWZ) Rothberg, Donna L. 2015
Open Open Open

Callsigns Highlighted in purple above are former members who are silent keys
and tribute to their memory is given here. If you have information on
our silent keys that is not listed here please email the webmaster with
the pertinent data. We remember our own.

Please bear in mind that new members may not appear in this list until the 1st week of the month
following certification by the club treasurer that the dues for the year have been received.
The same will hold true for Membership Status Listing. (Renewal Due to Renewal Due)

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